Grassow is known as the king of the ambient drone.
Jim Brenholts,

Mathias Grassow - Drones Ambient Music

Perhaps my drones are ‘cosmic downloads’ that contain a certain message – but even if so: if perceived by our ears only, this message does not have the power to change our DNA and open up the way to more profound experiences of our inner self. Such music can, at best, give us a vague idea about who we are, and where our home is. I have the firm believe that if we manage to perceive music on more channels than just our ears – which are governed by our brain with all it’s judgements and categorisations – this will enable us to perceive it on a level which still is beyond our imagination, an expanded perception that might include the relativity of space and time, and the simultaneity of past, present, future, and more …

New: THE WORLD WARS I & II - A Symphony Of Steel

The topic of this new album has long been close to my heart.
Both world wars significantly changed the world and still influence our daily lives today.
After long deliberation, I decide to use only years as a godparent for the events as a name, free of any prefabricated opinion and direction.
Again, there is no accusation, no conviction and no influence, but everyone has the freedom to find themselves, their parents, or grandparents in the years.
No matter from which side one looks at these two wars, terrible atrocities would be committed everywhere.
With this work I want to use the music as a non-verbal means of communication. I would like to transform bewilderment and dismay into inner peace and silence in the heart and wish that this has been achieved.
Right now we are in such dire need of looking closely at what is happening politically with humans and the environment worldwide.
This work, which I call my most important work, stands for forgiveness and love. It is dedicated to all the dead and suffering. It affects us all - everyone and everywhere.

"THE WORLD WARS I & II - A symphony of steel "  can be acquired NOW directly via as digital download and on CD Mathias Grassow's official Bandcamp page.


Mathias Grassow is one the leading figures of the "sacred" space music.


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Mathias Grassow and Jim Cole have given us a modern masterpiece.
Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire, as quoted on