Grassow is known as the king of the ambient drone.
Jim Brenholts,

New release: Polar Vortex - a colaboration by Mathias Grassow and Michael Brückner

The very first colaboration between Mathias Grassow and Michael Brückner will be out on the Dutch label Databloem and Mathias' bandcamp page.

(Click image if you want to activate and watch the YouTube trailer for Polar Vortex).

Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner - Polar Vortex (Trailer)
by Michael Brückner on YouTube

About Mathias

Mathias Grassow is an internationally aclaimed artist specializing in Drone Ambient Sound Scapes. He refers to his music as "3rd Ear Alchemy", which does indicate both a slight tongue-in-cheek approach and a dedicated seriousness. Most of his works are non-repeatable one-take improvisations, that he either scraps or releases. To capture the "essence of the moment" is his mantra, consciously bypassing supposedly established recording requirements such as "perfecting" a recording after the fact. Perfecting, but losing the live and direct spontanity. This is felt by many of his listeners. His music touches deep and personal.  
Within his field Mathias Grassow is covering a lot of different styles and moods, with side projects progressing even further into the realm of neighbouring genres such as soundtracks for classic gothic short stories (Nostalgia), Art Rock (Anam Cara) or Chill (Wintersilence).
The enduring respect Mathias gains from his peers can be traced back by the constant flow of colaborative partners who include among others Italian drone legend Alio Die, Australian Ethereal singer-songwriter Louisa John-Kroll and many more. He was a friend and student of the legendary Klaus Wiese and is a friend of Klaus Hamel.

Mathias Grassow is one the leading figures of the "sacred" space music.


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Mathias Grassow and Jim Cole have given us a modern masterpiece.
Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire, as quoted on