Grassow is known as the king of the ambient drone.
Jim Brenholts,

Mathias Grassow - Drones Ambient Music

Perhaps my drones are ‘cosmic downloads’ that contain a certain message – but even if so: if perceived by our ears only, this message does not have the power to change our DNA and open up the way to more profound experiences of our inner self. Such music can, at best, give us a vague idea about who we are, and where our home is. I have the firm believe that if we manage to perceive music on more channels than just our ears – which are governed by our brain with all it’s judgements and categorisations – this will enable us to perceive it on a level which still is beyond our imagination, an expanded perception that might include the relativity of space and time, and the simultaneity of past, present, future, and more …

Yggdrasils Burning

This more classic drone-album was created from 3 home sessions that year, from which this two hour selection was made. The current critical situation of our "green lungs" and the consequences of what has not wanted to be seen for decades is the concept of this work. The titles refer to the eight largest "primeval forests" on our planet.

Title explanation:
Yggdrasil, Old Norse Yggdrasill, also: world ash, is the name of an ash tree in Norse mythology that embodies the entire cosmos as a world tree.
released October 24, 2020

Many thanks as usual to my wife Cornelia Kern for Images and support.

The Salt Of The Earth

Salt is a symbol of health, vitality, success and happiness. It stands for consistency and incorruptibility. In the past, salt was weighed with gold and paid as a wage, and today you recognize a person's worth by giving them salt.....

"The salt of life" here stands for the essence of what we are here for; on the one hand individually, on the other hand in a spiritual context with the universe.
At the end of the resonance there is the great and unimaginable nothing, the sound of the inconceivable emptiness, which is at the same time permeated by abundance. Not comprehensible with the mind, but felt through this music - an idea ......

Pieces 1-3 are variations from "Europa - Part II".......
released November 6, 2020

Many thanks to Cornelia Kern for images and support - as ususal.......

Live at Gut Saunstorf 1st of august 2020

This is the original recording of the concert at Gut Saunstorf near Wismar on August 1st, 2020. The recording was not post-processed, but rather adopted due to the preservation of the highest possible authenticity with all background noises and errors in order to faithfully reproduce the great spirit of this event.
Tracks 1-7 were recorded directly in the audience with a TASCAM live recorder.
Tracks 8 & 9 are the same concert in only two parts - but here taken from the hall mixer.
So everyone has the opportunity to choose their personal version ......
released October 2, 2020

Thanks to the whole team and organisators of the concert, you know who you are ! Thanks for the great support to my wife Cornelia Kern.


This is another album that does without rhythm. The symbol is to transform the connectedness in all the separation in this world and the endless infinity of demarcation into integration. In the deep sense of unity with all beings, emptiness is fullness and fear is a thing of the past.
released September 4, 2020

Thanks as usual to my wife Cornelia Kern for images and layout.

New release: KaleidosHope

This new 80 minute album was created around the same time as "Bazaar" and can therefore be seen as a follow-up album and is different : Middle points here are also oriental instrumentation, whereby the hypnotic 5th piece represents the core of the mysticism of the Arab worlds and bridges this with the west and the typical "drone" music.

"Life is a kaleidoscope and we design its blaze of colors..."

released August 7, 2020

Thanks to CORNELIA KERN for images, titles and cover-concept.

NOTE : Parts V & VI were played live during my forthcoming live album from "Gut Saunstorf" nearby Wismar in germany on 1st of august 2020.

I want to dedicate this album In memory of the "Hibakusha" - and all the victims of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945.

AGUILAR, the Mathias Grassow archive

Aguilar is the Mathias Grassow archive Bandcamp artist site that my wife Cornelia runs and manages. There - and only there - you can get the exclusive "Mathias Grassow" archive series, starting in 1980 ....
The individual parts have a comfortable CD length, are mixed and mastered. According to the time, everything is a bow to the possibilities that existed at the time and is accordingly authentic. You can be happy to collect these series for an acceptable price.

Mathias Grassow is one the leading figures of the "sacred" space music.

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Mathias Grassow and Jim Cole have given us a modern masterpiece.
Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire, as quoted on